As the leading manufacturer of structural recycled plastic lumber, Bedford Technology has over 20 years of expertise in finding innovative solutions engineered for your specific construction needs. Innovation is what drives our company, people and our products.

But, how did Bedford Technology become a plastic lumber manufacturer?

Innovation Expands Business Division

Bedford Technology was the machinery division of Bedford Industries, a results-driven plastic coated wire twist tie manufacturer. Bedford Industries serves the bakery, produce, coffee and medical industries.

Throughout the manufacturing process of the twist ties, scrap material (trim) is produced. Oftentimes, this material is thrown away, but the Engineers at Bedford Industries wanted to find another use. It started with a question: What should be done with all of this plastic scrap? In the early 1990’s, the answer became clear. Instead of throwing the trim away (where it would go into a landfill), an environmentally-friendly solution was engineered: a structural, sustainable and strong building material called plastic lumber. As production started for this new innovative product, Bedford Technology expanded the business unit to include machinery AND plastic lumber.  

Laying a Solid Foundation

As early pioneers in the plastic lumber industry, innovation drove the product development as Bedford Technology manufactured plastic lumber from the scrap material at Bedford Industries. The first product line was manufactured using the Hard Tool process (similar to injection molding). The plastic is melted and injected into a mold, then cooled and hardened. SelectForce® by Bedford Technology was Bedford Technology’s first product line and it brought substantial growth for the company in the plastic lumber market.  

While this product proved to be a sturdy, durable and sustainable alternative to other building materials, the engineering team wanted to find ways to improve the product features and performance characteristics to even better serve the construction market. Many steps were taken to achieve this goal including quality, product testing and adding new product lines. FiberForce® and BarForce® were created using additives (like fiberglass strand and rebar) to enhance the product’s structural characteristics.

Finding ways to improve is top-of-mind at Bedford Technology. This includes our products, processes and operations within the company. In 2010, Bedford Technology partnered with an investment firm, Hillcrest Capital Partners. With the rapid growth in the plastic lumber industry, expansion was needed, this included space, equipment and behind-the-scenes processes and operations. Hillcrest Capital Partners had the business expertise we were looking for and with their focus on people in the organization, shared company values and their business knowledge, they were the perfect partner.

Bedford Technology

Now, plastic lumber is all that Bedford Technology does. After seeing tremendous growth and interest in the plastic lumber market, the machinery division was sold to allow for more time and dedication to this growing industry. Bedford Technology offers five product lines, each providing unique attributes for a wide array of applications and uses. Bedford Technology engineers industrial-grade structural recycled plastic lumber and specializes in commercial markets including marine, parks and recreation, landscaping, agriculture, large animal and equine and more.

Bedford Technology is more than just manufacturing. Company values drive the business forward and provide continuous momentum so that Bedford Technology can present the best solutions for construction project challenges (even though the best solution may not exist… yet). Our mission is to be the leader in developing recycled structural plastic lumber solutions, backed by superior customer service while creating value for our employees and customers. This mission statement is lived through our SMARTER Principles that guide our business.

SMARTER Principles

While all companies incorporate values into their overall business practices, Bedford Technology promotes innovation through all product lines and company practices. Below are the Bedford Technology SMARTER Principles that fuel our passion.

  1. Innovation-Driven – Innovation is showcased throughout the company. Bedford Technology has an in-house engineering team that uses their expertise and experience to help find the best solutions for our customers and provide support for unique or unconventional applications.
  2. Green Building & Protecting the Environment – This holistic concept promotes positive effects on the environment throughout the entire life-cycle of any building project. From the manufacturing process to finished material, Bedford Technology cares deeply for the environment. Engineering sustainable building materials is one way to show our appreciation. Bedford Technology has also kept millions of pounds of plastic out of the landfills and will continue to help protect the environment.  
  3. Customer-Centric and Responsive – Customers are the reason that we do what we do. We put our customers first. Working with Bedford Technology is a true partnership and many components make this possible. From product testing to high-quality standards, the customer’s best interest is our priority.

Looking Towards the Future

Our vision is to deliver recycled plastic product solutions to commercial industries. We want to contribute to the growth within these industries and continue to push the boundaries of innovation and technology to encourage new ideas and products in the market.

As our plastic lumber technology continues to evolve, so does our ability to solve problems brought to us by architects, engineers and end-users. From premium furniture-grade plastic lumber to industrial-strength reinforced plastic lumber, we’re here to help you make your construction projects sustainable, environmentally-friendly and long-lasting.

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