At Bedford Technology we are proud to employ the industry’s most enthusiastic and dedicated individuals. We are all passionate about what we do, and every one of us is responsible for providing the best quality HDPE plastic products in the industry and the continued success of Bedford Technology.

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Jeff Breitzman

CEO & President

Jeff Breitzman was appointed to the position of CEO and President of Bedford Technology on November 1, 2016 after being the President and COO for the past 7 years.  Mr. Breitzman is a voting member of the Board of Directors.  Before being the President of Bedford Technology he has been an accomplished and versatile corporate and executive leader, Mr. Breitzman was the President of Rainbow Play Systems a Brookings, SD based playground manufacturer, from 2004- 2008 & an executive with Daktronic from 2009-2010 where he lead strategic sourcing efforts. During his tenure at Rainbow, Mr. Breitzman championed the transformation of Rainbow’s manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution network.  Prior to Rainbow Play Systems he was an executive with Huffy sports where he was a Vice President of Engineering and Product Development for multiple products.  Mr. Breitzman is a graduate of University of Wisconsin, where he received a B.S., and later earning an MBA degree.

Dan Greve

Chief Financial Officer

Dan Greve was appointed as CFO of Bedford Technology in December of 2015. Mr. Greve comes from Newport Laboratories, a provider of services to assist customers in their effort to address animal health problems through diagnostic testing and production of veterinary biologics, where he successfully served as CFO until he assisted in the sale of the company to Merial and then continued as Director of Business operations until he joined Bedford Technology. Mr. Greve holds an A.A. from the local Worthington Community College (now Minnesota West) and a Ag Business from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Greve also volunteers in the Worthington community in numerous organizations and advises on strategic initiatives for the local college and foundation. He is a graduate of the Blandin Community Leadership Program, a program designed to develop and sustain healthy communities by building on community strengths.

James D. Watson

Vice President, Engineering

James Watson was appointed to Vice President, Engineering of Bedford Technology in October 2017. Watson oversees both Product Development and Manufacturing Engineering and works to advance Bedford Technology’s unique competitive advantage for customers in the marine, industrial, agricultural markets and beyond with innovative and quality structural plastic lumber solutions. Previously, Mr. Watson served as Vice President of Product Development and Innovation for Textron’s Sherman+Reilly Division, where he was responsible for managing all product innovation and new product development activities. Before assuming his more recent roles, Watson served as Director of New Product Development for Office Depot’s Private Brands Group and Director of Research & Development for the PolyVision division of Steelcase, Inc., where he lead the product development activities for both companies. He also spent seven years in technical management roles with Black & Decker, Inc. Mr. Watson holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering from Virginia Tech, and a graduate degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University.

Michael V. Nesdahl

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Mike Nesdahl was appointed to the position of Vice-President, Sales & Marketing of Bedford Technology on September 1, 2016.  An accomplished and versatile corporate and commercial leader, Mr. Nesdahl was the North American Director of Sales & Distribution for Westport, CT – based Terex Cranes, a major unit of Terex Corporation, from May 2013-Sept 2016. During his tenure at Terex, Mr. Nesdahl championed the revitalization of Terex’s Crane distribution network, improving the evaluation, training, and sales processes used in the commercial operations where he gained market share for the North American market.  Before his time at Terex, Mr. Nesdahl served as a Senior Marketing leader for The Toro Company, where he headed up the Sports Field’s and Grounds business and the Toro Financing business.  Mr. Nesdahl joined Toro in 2005 from General Electric, where he was a Valuation Manager.  Mr. Nesdahl is a 1998 graduate of Southwest Minnesota State University, where he received a B.S., and later earning an MBA degree from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. He spent 7 years in the Minnesota Army National Guard and finished as an FDC chief for the 1/151 Field Artillery. Mr. Nesdahl served as a board member for the Minnesota State Colleges and University’s Board of Trustees, NOVA Education Board, SMSU Alumni Association, and Faithful Shephard Catholic School Finance Committee where he has served as Chairman.

Brian Larsen, P.E.


Brian Larsen, one of the original Founders of Bedford Technology, is a member of the Bedford Technology Board of Directors. Mr. Larsen and a small group of employees started Bedford Technology in 1998 as a business that made plastic extrusion machinery for Bedford Industries. With their vast knowledge in extruders and creating products from plastic, he and a group of former Bedford Industries employees started making “plastic lumber” out of recycled materials. Almost 20 years later the company has 3 business units, multiple factories in multiple states and has grown from the small company Bedford Technology once was, into a leader in the Plastic Lumber industry, driving product development through innovation. Although he turned over the reins of being the CEO to focus more on his hobbies and family in 2016 as part of a succession plan, Mr. Larsen still remains a valuable technical advisor to the team. Mr. Larsen is a P.E. with a an engineering degree from University of Minnesota College of Science & Engineering in Minneapolis, MN.