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Plastic Lumber 101

What is plastic lumber and why is it better than wood?

Plastic lumber from Bedford Technology is made using high-quality recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene). Our HDPE is sourced primarily from milk jugs, reducing solid waste at landfills.


  • Each linear foot of a 2” x 6” plastic board contains 3.2 pounds of recycled material.
  • Every 12 foot 2” x 6” diverts roughly 307 milk jugs from a landfill.

Why is plastic lumber a better choice—and, in many ways, simply better—than wood? It’s stronger, colorfast, more durable and can be customized for a wider variety of applications. While it cuts and fastens the same as wood, it’s free from wood’s weaknesses (rot, insect pests, color degrading, etc.) And it’s immune to extreme environments. In fact, given the extra reinforcement of our Multi-X technology, a few of our products are as strong as wood, steel or concrete.

Better Product. Better Variety. Longer Life.
Our product is pure HDPE for increased longevity and durability. Our warranty is 50 years – but we’re certain our product will outlast that. Plus, your savings start the first time you have to replace a traditional wood product — as early as year 1! Contact us to learn why Bedford Technology’s line of maintenance-free, environmentally friendly HDPE lumber products are the right solutions for you.

Comparison of wood vs composite lumber vs plastic lumber

ROI Chart: FiberForce vs. Traditional Pine Posts

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