Arenas are constructed, mostly outdoors, to train, ride and compete with large animals, especially horses. Known by other names like riding stables, barns and riding halls, these structures are a crucial aspect in the equine market.

Benefits of Plastic Lumber

Recycled HDPE plastic lumber is a long-lasting building material that won’t rot, splinter or crack. Plastic lumber also includes deflection properties, making it more flexible and better able to absorb energy and impact from large animals which can occur especially when training horses. HDPE plastic lumber can withstand extreme heat, cold and moisture without breaking down over time. It is an environmentally-friendly wood-alternative that is doesn’t require chemical treatments and is inherently resistant to salt, oils, fungus and insects. It doesn’t absorb moisture or harbor bacteria, making it easy to keep clean and sanitized. It secures, drills and cuts like traditional wood and has a limited 50-year warranty for long-term and durable arena solutions.

What Bedford Technology Products for the Job?

SelectForce® by Bedford Technology is a durable building material that is more flexible than traditional wood. It can withstand harsh weather and is available in many color options. For arenas, it will not crack or splinter which could cause damage to the animal and has a smooth textured finish. It comes in standard and customized profile lengths.

FiberForce® by Bedford Technology is a heavy-duty product that is reinforced with fiberglass strand. It contains all of the benefits of SelectForce®, with even more strength and rigidity. It comes in a stone-design textured finish to add aesthetic to arenas and is tougher than Mother Nature.

Why Traditional Building Materials Fall Short

Traditional wood is the most common building material that is used for arenas. Wood can also harbor bacteria which can be life-threatening if ingested by animals when they chew on it. While wood is strong, it doesn’t necessarily perform the greatest for outdoor weather conditions. It can degrade over time from moisture, causing the need for repairs and replacement. Not to mention the maintenance time and cost to keep the wooden stalls looking fresh and new. Instead of dealing with repairs, choose a long-term solution with plastic lumber.

Our Products in Action

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