Artificial turf is commonly used in areas where real grass cannot grow, or will not thrive. Typically found in sports stadiums and arenas, playgrounds and commercial landscaping, it is important for the turf to be safely fastened to the ground so it doesn’t disrupt the activity that is going on on top of it.

Nailer boards are placed under and around the perimeter of the turf area. Nails are driven through the turf and boards to fasten the turf to the ground. Nailer boards are common in landscaping and are traditionally made of wooden boards.

Traditional wood, although a common building material for this type of application, is not always the best solution because it can rot, mold and deteriorate over time. This can cause the turf to shift over time and may require replacement, which can cost time and money. Paste is another option, but oftentimes doesn’t last very long and also requires repairs or replacement. A third option is to use a wood-alternative building material that offers more benefits and a long-term solution.

Plastic lumber is a durable and tough material that can outlast wood in outdoor environments.

Benefits of Plastic Lumber

Plastic lumber won’t rot, mold or splinter and can withstand outdoor weather conditions like rain, snow and extreme heat and cold. It is a long-lasting product that cuts, drills and fastens like traditional wood, so installation is familiar and simple, and it is a crowd-pleaser.  

What Bedford Technology Products for the Job?

SelectForce® by Bedford Technology is manufactured to be a strong and dependable wood-alternative building material. It is tough enough to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and environments. It is resistant to insects, termites, mold and moisture and comes in a variety of shapes to create a beautiful and ultra-long lasting product for nailer boards.

Increase Project Life-Cycle with Plastic Lumber!

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