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Bedford Tech partnered with Coach Cliff to bring the joys of Gaga Ball to the 2013 Boy Scout Jambore

At this year’s 2013 Boy Scout Jamboree, Bedford Tech donated a Gaga Ball pit made of plastic lumber to the event. The inventor of Gaga Ball Pits, Coach Cliff, also donated one made of regular wood.

Attracting more than 50,000 kids and adults each year, the Boy Scout Jamboree encourages active living for families as well as activities to keep kids moving, making Gaga Ball such a great fit for the event.

What is Gaga Ball? Starting in the backyards of friends, Gaga Ball began as a grassroots movement. As Coach Cliff has built his business, the backyard feeling of the game still remains. Sharing the game with church camps, youth camps, and more, Coach Cliff brings entertainment to all ages.

Gaga Ball, a game similar to dodgeball, requires you to stay within an octagonal pit, shuffling around as you try not to get hit by a ball. Gaga Ball is great because anyone can play, and it’s a safe way to be active and have fun.

Coach Cliff was on-site during the week of the Boy Scout Jamboree, teaching attendees how to play Gaga Ball.

The relationship between Gaga Ball and Bedford Tech began when Coach Cliff approached us with several requests for greener, lower-maintenance materials with which to build the pits. Our plastic lumber is lower-maintenance than wood, and more durable as well.

Our plastic lumber is also beneficial for funding because it’s “green”, and fits with sustainability and LEED criteria. Our product is both recycled (made from milk jugs) and recyclable by Bedford Technology (we can take them back and grind them up to use the raw material again).

Plastic lumber is solid, heavy, and durable, making it not only economical and cost friendly but a solution that is beneficial throughout the life of a Gaga Ball Pit.

In addition to Gaga Ball Pits, Bedford Tech’s recycled plastic lumber is great for playgrounds and other outdoor items, including sandboxes, picnic tables, benches, and more.