Bedford Technology’s FIBERFORCE® Recycled Plastic Lumber - Featured on Elevated Nature Trail

Bedford Technology’s FIBERFORCE® Recycled Plastic Lumber – Featured on Elevated Nature Trail

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The Adopt A Stream Foundation (AASF) was established as a private non-profit 501(C)(3) corporation in  August 1985.  Its adopted mission is “to teach people how to become stewards of their watersheds.”

The Elevated Nature Trail is located in Everett, WA on a beautiful 20-acre site leased from Snohomish County Parks and Recreation in McCollum Park.  Two salmon streams flow on the grounds that are covered with complex wetland systems and pockets of upland old second growth forest.

Snohomish County Parks and Recreation (Parks) and AASF established a partnership in 1992.  Parks offered AASF a long term lease on 20-acres of McCollum Park to develop a regional environmental learning facility.  The result of that partnership is the NW Stream Center. Part of the education process of the NW Stream Center is to expose visitors to native vegetation and wildlife.  A proposed ¾ mile elevated boardwalk was envisioned and designed through the wetlands of the Center.

After much consideration and research on what material to use in the construction of the boardwalk, the board of directors of AASF selected FIBERFORCE® recycled plastic lumber manufactured by Bedford Technology.  This product was selected due to its past use in boardwalk construction, minimal impact to the environment, recycled plastic content, and its strength, durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

Elevated walking path


Bedford Technology’s plastic lumber serves as a replacement to traditional parts made from injection molding, rotational molding, vacuum forming, aluminum extrusion, flow molding, lumber profiles and wood profiles. Bedford Technology can also design a custom plastic lumber product to suit your specific application, so contact us today at (800) 721-9037 and talk with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. Visit us online at, “Like” us on Facebook at follow us on Twitter at