Bedford Technology’s Recycled Plastic Lumber – Chemical Resistance

Bedford Technology’s Recycled Plastic Lumber – Chemical Resistance

Bedford Technology’s High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) recycled plastic lumber products have another added feature that comes up quite often in conversation, that being said our plastic lumber is highly resistant to most acids and chemicals. This makes HDPE recycled plastic lumber a great solution for abrasive, corrosive and acidic manufacturing plants or facilities where harmful chemicals are abundant. HDPE plastic lumber is not affected by exposure to most of these substances. Acids, oils, milks, shampoos and detergents…nearly all of these chemicals are currently shipped in HDPE plastic bottles, which are recycled back through our process to become Bedford Technology’s HDPE plastic lumber products.

So why choose plastic lumber over wood? Wood in contrast to plastic lumber will absorb many of the acidic and corrosive liquids and chemicals that were mentioned earlier.  This chemical absorption in turn makes it a challenge to dispose of the contaminated wood. Wood also splinters and chips whereas plastic lumber will not. Wood also decomposes, becomes soft and may lose structural properties when saturated by chemicals, whereas plastic lumber will hold its shape and strength year over year and can easily be cleaned by power washing any contaminants from the surface, making it the better lumber solution! With a limited 50 year warranty on most plastic lumber products, Bedford Technology’s recycled plastic lumber is the right environmental choice. Let plastic lumber be your solution for cribbing, dunnage, palleting and catwalks, where caustic sodas or harsh chemicals are present such as: paper mills, battery manufacturers and chemical plants.

Bedford Technology is a premier plastic lumber manufacturer that offers three distinct manufacturing processes: Molded (Hard Tool), Continuous Extrusion (CE) and Multi Stage Extrusion (Multi-X). Within these very unique processes Bedford also has a wide range of brands that include: SelectForce®, FiberForce®, BarForce®, SeaPile®, SeaTimber® andSeaCamel®. Each of these exclusive brands offer an alternative solution to standard wood lumber profiles in the marketplace today. Bedford Technology has the plastic lumber solution for your project or application!  Give Bedford Technology a call or visit their website today and experience the Bedford difference!

Bedford Technology’s SELECTFORCE® recycled HDPE plastic lumber serves as a replacement to traditional parts made from injection molding, rotational molding, vacuum forming, aluminum extrusion, lumber profiles and wood profiles. Bedford Technology can also design a plastic lumber product to suit your specific application, including custom molded products (ie: pipe supports, bench frame shapes, lids). Contact us today at (800)-721-9037 and talk with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. Visit us online at, “Like” us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at