Bedford Technology’s SELECTFORCE® Hard Tool Recycled Plastic Lumber Products

Bedford Technology’s SELECTFORCE® Hard Tool Recycled Plastic Lumber Products

By September 24, 2014 No Comments

Continuing this series of blogs focusing on Bedford Technology products and applications in the SELECTFORCE® brand, this blog will cover Hard Tool (molded) recycled plastic lumber products.

SELECTFORCE® Hard Tool recycled plastic lumber is a strong, durable product formed in molds in various traditional lumber profile sizes. (See our Hard Tool (Molded) process for more details on the actual process) This product is a coarse, rigid and rough textured material in appearance and feel. This makes it great for projects requiring particular lumber profile sizing and added strength characteristics over traditional Continuous Extruded product.

Our SELECTFORCE® Hard Tool product also has a foamed core end-cut appearance, textured surface finish and comes in variety of colors, making it more useful in commercial playground equipment, park and recreation applications, signage, boardwalks, decks, piers, parking curbs, landscaping boards, cribbage, swamp mats and any harsh weather environment application. SELECTFORCE® Hard Tool Plastic Lumber looks great and is long lasting and resistant to: rotting, splintering, water damage, termites (pests), etc.  SELECTFORCE® plastic lumber also doesn’t require painting and is very low maintenance (compared with traditional wood.)  SELECTFORCE® Hard Tool product is a high quality, carpenter friendly product that can be drilled, sawn, cut, routed and worked just as wood lumber.

Bedford Technology’s SELECTFORCE® recycled HDPE plastic lumber serves as a replacement to traditional parts made from injection molding, rotational molding, vacuum forming, aluminum extrusion, lumber profiles and wood profiles. Bedford Technology can also design a plastic lumber product to suit your specific application, including custom molded products (ie: pipe supports, bench frame shapes, lids). Contact us today at (800)-721-9037 and talk with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. Visit us online at, “Like” us on Facebook at follow us on Twitter at