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plastic playground

Quiz: Plastic Lumber Playgrounds

By | 2019, Articles

Plastic playgrounds are made of recycled plastic lumber. They are long-lasting, safe, creative, and sustainable. But what are they, exactly? Let’s have a look. What is plastic lumber? We use a lot of plastic. In fact, the global manufacture of plastics rose from 225 million tons to 311 million tons over…

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Lincoln Park Zoo Case Study Image

Innovation Conserves the Environment: How Lincoln Park Zoo Uses Bedford Technology Recycled Plastic Lumber

By | 2019, Articles, Case Study

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Lincoln Park Zoo provides a free and family-oriented wildlife experience that focuses on animal care, education, science and conservation. Offering insight into the lives of nearly 200 species, the 49-acre Lincoln Park Zoo is dedicated to inspiring communities to create environments where wildlife can thrive in…

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landscaping boards

What To Know About Landscape Edging

By | Articles

When you look at professional landscaping, the edging probably isn’t the first thing you notice. You’re more likely to take note of the flowers and plants, the overall design, and any ornamental fixtures or decorations. While the edging may not be the most exciting part of a landscape, it is…

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