Benefits of Structural Recycled Plastic Lumber

Structural recycled plastic lumber is a great wood-alternative building material because it can withstand harsh and extreme environments. It is durable and strong and will not break down due to wind, moisture and whatever else Mother Nature can throw at it. It fastens, cuts and drills similar to wood, so distribution lines and telephone wires can be installed easily, and will stay intact. It does not absorb moisture so it won’t become brittle in cold temperatures like other materials and it also won’t rot at ground-level. Distribution poles made from plastic lumber are impervious to birds, animals and boring insects and is ideal for high-deterioration zones and wet, low-lying areas. Non-conductive plastic lumber can be manufactured to customized lengths which ensures that the distribution pole reaches the preferred height and it is engineered from post-consumer recyclables like milk jugs, so it is environmentally-friendly.

What Bedford Technology Products for the Job?

SmarterPole™ by Bedford Technology – is a commercial-grade HDPE plastic composite building material that is reinforced with fiberglass polymer rebar. It is tough enough to withstand the harshest weather environments, and is manufactured using the multiple extrusion process (Multi-X). This product includes a smooth skin that encapsulates the rebar and plastic composite making it a heavy-duty solution for distribution poles.

Why Traditional Building Materials Fall Short

Distribution poles are oftentimes constructed from wood, metal and hollow fiberglass material. The challenge with these materials is that the durability and strength doesn’t always hold up. Metal corrodes and rusts over periods of time and hollow fiberglass is very brittle and can break from heavy wind and other elements. Installation with hollow poles must be precise and is time consuming because challenges of wiggling or moving have caused issues. Traditional wood will rot and break down over time and it is more difficult to find consistent lengths and widths.

Our Products in Action

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