Fencing systems are meant to be long-term solutions that protect, set boundaries and have a certain aesthetic appeal. Our recycled plastic fencing solutions are low-maintenance, durable and beautiful. If you’re looking for a multi-generational solution that is built to last, discover the smarter fencing system by Bedford Technology.

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Fencing by Bedford Technology
woman looking at park trail sign made out of recycled plastic lumber

Parks & Rec and Landscaping

Choose an environmentally-friendly and durable building material for your landscaping projects. Ideal for use in a wide variety of outdoor applications—from barricades and borders to raised beds and retaining walls—our plastic lumber is the most cost-effective, innovative and durable parks and recreation landscaping solution on the market.

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Nothing challenges building materials like marine use—ports, wharves, piers, piles, fenders and more. Structurally engineered plastic lumber acts as a great alternative to traditional wood, metal and concrete because it can stand up in harsh environments. Our SeaPile®, SeaTimber®, and BarForce® products dominate this highly technical market.

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Barforce Reinforced Recycled Plastic Lumber
industrial sheet skid made with recycled plastic lumber


Anything’s possible for projects using dimensional plastic lumber thanks to higher quality and durability far exceeding wood or wood composites. No matter what you make, move, protect or distribute, structural recycled plastic lumber by Bedford Technology does the job better. Plastic lumber has the strength for heavy loads and is built to withstand harsh environments.

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OEM Manufacturing

In the market for premium furniture-grade building materials? Look no further. Make your finished products look exceptional and outlast other wood products with recycled plastic lumber by Bedford Technology. We will custom manufacture the pieces you need to meet your project specifications.

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Colorful Recycled Plastic Lumber Adirondack Chairs on the beach
Wall of equine arena made from recycled plastic lumber

Large Animal & Equine

Contain, corral and protect your animals using a durable and strong building material that won’t harm them or the environment. Choose our SelectForce® and FiberForce® products for paddocks, posts, trailer beds, fencing and other heavy-duty uses. Our recycled plastic lumber is superior to wood, healthier for your animals and less expensive to maintain over time.

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It’s time to raise the stakes! Impervious to rot, insects, moisture and mold, plastic lumber outperforms any other material for a variety of agricultural uses. And unlike PVC or pressure-treated wood, it won’t leach any chemicals.

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potato flume made with plastic lumber