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Hard as nails

Plastic lumber gets the job done where you need it most.

Durable, sustainable, versatile.

Industrial FiberForce CribbingAnything’s possible for projects using dimensional plastic lumber thanks to higher quality and durability far exceeding wood or wood composites. If you make it, move it or just need to protect it, plastic lumber is the answer, whether in your manufacturing facility or some unique application.


  • Can be manufactured in custom shapes for specialized purposes
  • Won’t rot or degrade
  • Sustainable—qualifies for “green” programs
  • Available in custom colors


  • Cribbing
  • Dunnage
  • Equipment mats, pallets
  • Speed bumps, guard rails, platform boards
  • Pipe supports, air conditioning pads (Tyson Pads)
  • Equipment mats
  • Pallets
  • Stop Logs
  • Staff Gauge
  • Railroad Ties
  • Door Frames and Scaffolding(CE)
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