The landscaping industry is constantly growing—and trends, challenges, and solutions are ever-changing. One way to address these challenges is to consider using an environmentally-friendly and durable building material. From barricades to borders, raised garden beds to retaining walls, plastic lumber is the most cost-effective and innovative parks and recreation landscaping solution on the market.

Structural Recycled Plastic Lumber Characteristics

Recycled plastic lumber is a low-maintenance building material that can work for all types of outdoor projects. Manufactured in the United States out of recycled HDPE, this durable and strong product solves many challenges that are facing the landscaping and parks and recreation industries:

Structural recycled plastic lumber is an environmentally-friendly product that will gladly accept whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it; rain, snow, extreme heat and cold, it can handle it all. This product doesn’t rot, mold or degrade in extreme weather conditions. With many color and texture options, this material is very versatile and you will have endless (almost) options so you can bring your design to life.

Important Trends in the Landscaping Industry

While some trends come and go, there are a few that remain prominent in the landscaping market. Here are two common trends affecting the landscaping and parks and recreation industry:   

Weather Resistant Landscaping

Unpredictability is a common theme in the parks and recreation industry. Since most landscaping projects are constructed for outdoor use, weather conditions are the main cause of this uncertainty. While it’s impossible to predict the weather on a daily basis, there are things that can be done to prepare for these uncertain conditions when designing and building your outdoor projects.

The first consideration is to understand the environment in which you are building. Help prevent environmental mishaps by planning ahead and use materials and designs to help your project last. Next, consider multi-functional structures, like canopies, as a way to buffer weather conditions. These projects add to the aesthetics of the landscape design while providing cover from rain, snow and wind. It also provides shade in extreme heat.

A third concentration should be your building material. Using traditional building materials like wood can break down due to high moisture contact over time. Instead, consider using an environmentally-friendly product, like plastic lumber that can withstand even the harshest environments. Recycled plastic landscape timbers require less maintenance than traditional materials, and they are built to withstand even the toughest weather conditions.

Labor Shortages

Another trend in the landscaping and parks and recreation industries is the shortage of labor. One solution is to use a low-maintenance material that doesn’t require upkeep or maintenance.

Recycled plastic lumber is structural and durable for all types of landscaping and parks and recreation projects, yet it is low-maintenance and doesn’t require painting or staining and doesn’t need to be replaced as often as traditional wood. Choose Bedford Technology’s recycled plastic landscape timbers to reduce the cost of maintenance and upkeep.

Landscape and Parks & Recreation Building Materials

Wood – Traditional wood is one of the most common building materials in the parks and recreation industry. From retaining walls, decks, gazebos and pergolas to edging around walkways and gardens, wood is commonly seen in landscape design.

While wood is a commonly used option for landscape and parks and recreation projects, it may require more long-term maintenance than anticipated or desired; especially when in contact with high amounts of water and moisture (rain, snow), you may need to replace your wooden boards more often due to rot. Painting, staining and chemical treatment are also required to maintain appearance and preserve the integrity of the wood.   

Stone – Natural stone is commonly used in landscaping applications and is very durable. Oftentimes it is used for walls, edges and walkways. This material adds texture to landscapes and can provide ground cover.

Natural stone, however, can be somewhat difficult to find. It requires more labor to install and they can also move and shift over time, which can cause cracking in extreme circumstances.    

Concrete – Concrete comes in all forms in landscaping and parks and recreation applications: from poured concrete to molded shapes. Texture and colored concrete is also sometimes added for aesthetic elements.

However, concrete can crack in extreme temperatures and with exposure to moisture. Over time, you may end up spending more than you anticipated to repair and replace cracked surfaces.

Plastic Lumber –Structural plastic lumber is another building material ideal for outdoor environments. With recycled plastic landscape products that provide varying degrees of strength using fiberglass strand or reinforced fiberglass polymer rebar, no matter the application, you can find the right solution for your project that will last for generations.

Bedford Technology Products

Structural recycled plastic lumber by Bedford Technology offers multiple product lines for your landscaping projects, each with unique characteristics, so you can be sure to find the right product for the job. Learn more about our various products below to find the perfect recycled plastic landscape product for you.

SelectForce® by Bedford Technology

From commercial-grade strength to furniture-grade aesthetics, SelectForce® by Bedford Technology is our staple product that is engineered to fit all types of project applications.

Common Applications:

FiberForce® by Bedford Technology

FiberForce® by Bedford Technology is a structural product engineered with fiberglass strands to increase strength. This product is best suited for projects requiring a wider span and dimensional stability.

Common Applications:


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