Market: Marine

Tough in the extreme.

SeaPile and SeaTimber revolutionize marine structures.

Build your marine project with our indestructible lumber.

SeaPile and SeaTimber Marine WallNothing challenges building materials like marine use—ports, wharves, piers, piles, fenders and more. Our SeaPile®, SeaTimber® and SeaCamel® products dominate this highly technical market.

Bedford Technology marine products have singlehandedly changed the market, letting you build marine infrastructure that withstands endless abuse by nature and man.


  • Non-degrading and environmentally friendly
  • Resists marine borers
  • Industry-leading impact resistance and energy absorption
  • Not affected by extreme marine environments, temperature change, salt water
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light


  • Dock and pier fender systems
  • Bridge pier fender systems
  • Camels
  • Backing beams/wharf logs
  • Navigation aids and markers
  • Guide walls
  • Structural/retaining walls
  • Locks and more