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The Makings of a Great Playground

Your playground should be a neighborhood safe-haven for children to play outside, get exercise and tap into their growing physical and creative capabilities.  For more than a decade Bedford has helped to create some truly vibrant and magical playscapes all across the USA.

Our long lasting HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) lumber like SelectForce® and FiberForce® does not splinter, poke or absorb water.  It’s easy to clean, is incredibly long lasting and comes in more than enough non-fading, vibrant colors to let even the most ambitious playground designer imaginations run wild.

SelectForce and FiberForce are more than just environmentally safe – they actually help to improve the environment.  They are made entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic – like milk jugs — which diverts large quantities of plastic from landfills into reusable products that bring joy to children and add substantial value to communities.

Doing the right thing for your community, schools, parks and public spaces is even better when it’s done the right way.  Leave a lasting legacy using safe, colorful recycled plastic lumber from Bedford Technology.

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