The agriculture industry is growing due to an increase in human population. Better solutions must be implemented to increase efficiency and keep up with the high-demand. When installing livestock stables, fencing and trellis systems, and crop flumes (to name a few), use a product that will outlast extreme environments, provide long-term sustainability and keep costs down with low maintenance requirements.

Bedford Technology Products

Bedford Technology recycled plastic lumber is truly a low-maintenance solution for all of your agriculture applications. SelectForce® and FiberForce® by Bedford Technology are perfectly-suited for outdoor applications that are exposed to all of the elements. Our recycled plastic lumber for agricultural applications is the ideal material for durable and sustainable agricultural solutions.

SelectForce® by Bedford Technology – As Bedford Technology’s staple product line, it is available in industry leading colors and standard and custom profiles. It will withstand even the most extreme weather conditions and environments. It is a sturdy and sustainable product that will lower life-cycle costs by requiring little to no maintenance.

FiberForce® by Bedford Technology – FiberForce® by Bedford Technology is a structural composite product with added fiberglass strand for increased strength and rigidity. It is best suited for projects that require dimensional stability and a wider span, like fencing systems.

Agriculture Applications

Plastic lumber is a sturdy and durable building material that serves as a great replacement to traditional wood. Below are some common applications where plastic lumber outperforms other traditional building materials:

Trellis Configurations – Vineyard systems use stakes and posts and need a solution that can provide durability and longevity. Using a construction material that can stand up to harsh winds, extreme temperatures and insects will keep your trellis systems standing for many generations. Replacing traditional wood with plastic lumber by Bedford Technology can save you time and money in the long-run.

Fencing/Animal Containment – Protecting animals from outside predators and the environment is crucial to a successful fencing system. Wood and other alternatives have been used for hundreds of years. However, over time, wood and other materials will break down and need to be replaced. With traditional wood, splinters can also get caught in an animal’s digestive system, causing health problems and a very expensive medical bill. Structural recycled plastic lumber doesn’t rot, splinter, or break and doesn’t harbor bacteria like wood. Our plastic fences and fence posts are perfect for use in animal fencing systems.

Manure Spreaders – Keep your crops and fields fertilized by recycling manure back into the soil. These machines see heavy usage and can break down over time due to the high-moisture, mold and rot. Instead, plastic lumber cleans off easily, won’t mold or rot and will extend the life of your manure spreader.

Potato Flumes – Potato flume boards are used to store potatoes and are in very humid environments. Traditional wood breaks down due to rot and mold. Consider plastic lumber instead of traditional wood to keep contaminants like mold, splinters and chemicals out of your crops.

Replacing Traditional Wood

Plastic lumber is a valuable alternative to wood for agricultural industry applications. The value comes from the low-maintenance requirements, durability, long life-cycle and ease of installation. It requires no painting or staining and the color is manufactured throughout the entire profile with UV inhibitors, so it lasts over time. This environmentally-friendly building material cuts, drills and secures like traditional wood and with a 50-year warranty, plastic lumber by Bedford Technology is a multi-generational product. Our recycled plastic fence posts, vineyard posts, and other plastic lumber profiles are cost effective and low maintenance—they will not rot or decay like traditional wood. Get a quote on our recycled plastic lumber for agricultural applications today.  

Our Products in Action

Here are some before and after photos of traditional wood vs. plastic lumber.

side by side comparison of wood vineyard posts versus plastic lumber

Vineyard Posts

traditional wood vs. plastic lumber - animal containment

Animal Containment

traditional wood vs. plastic lumber - Potato Flume Boards

Potato Flume Boards

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