Mile markers are found on interstates and highways and serve many purposes including communicating the location and providing directions. Mile markers can be located as often as every 1/10 of a mile, making it necessary that these projects are long-lasting, well-maintained, durable and easily visible in all types of weather conditions.

Benefits of HDPE Plastic Lumber

Structural recycled plastic lumber is a great building material for mile markers because it does not rot, mold, decay or breakdown when exposed to outdoor elements like rain, snow, extreme heat, cold and wind. With plastic lumber, the material’s color is manufactured throughout the entire product, so even with bright colored signs, the material won’t need to be painted or stained. It is also a structural product, so it’s sturdy enough to withstand bumps and scrapes from vehicular traffic.  

Which Bedford Technology Products for the Job?

SelectForce® by Bedford Technology is our staple product that is manufactured from post-consumer and post-industrial recyclables. It is a durable material that will outlast whatever Mother Nature can throw at it, and it comes with a smooth or stone-design finish.

FiberForce® by Bedford Technology is engineered with fiberglass strand, which increases rigidity and strength. For remote areas, this product is great because you can build it and forget it. The fiberglass increases strength performance characteristics, making it tougher than traditional building materials for mile marker projects.

Why Traditional Building Materials Fall Short

Traditionally constructed using wood or metal, mile markers are abundant and can be quite a bother to replace and repair. Wooden timbers can easily break, crack and rot with continuous exposure to outdoor elements. Metal can corrode, rust and break down over time, and can easily bend or break if hit by a car or other type of vehicle.

Our Products in Action

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