Playgrounds are much more than just slides, swings and play structures. Many playground projects are installed outdoors, receive heavy wear-and-tear and are exposed to a wide variety of weather year-round. All of these projects must be durable, structurally sound and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Durability is an important project requirement because it helps increase project life-cycle and decrease the amount of maintenance time and cost after project installation. The consistent wear-and-tear also requires the material to be easy to clean, graffiti-proof and safe for children and animals. With any outdoor project, Mother Nature can bring about some harsh and sometimes severe weather conditions, so using a building material that can hold up against moisture like snow and rain, heavy wind and extreme heat and cold will also increase the life of the playground equipment.

Traditional building materials for these types of applications include wooden timbers, metal and concrete. However, these materials have a tendency to break down and deteriorate over time and don’t meet long-term project requirements. Environmental conditions will cause wood to rot, mold and degrade, metal will rust and corrode and concrete can crack and break down causing the need for repairs, or even worse, replacement. Also, these conditions can be unsafe for humans and animals. Graffiti can also occur in playgrounds and parks and undoing this type of damage often results in replacement, or a fresh coat of paint.

Instead of spending time and money repairing and replacing damaged structures, consider using an alternative building material: Recycled HDPE plastic lumber.

Benefits of Recycled HDPE Plastic Lumber

Unlike traditional building materials, recycled HDPE plastic lumber is a truly low-maintenance building material in that it will not rot, mold, splinter, crack or deteriorate in outdoor weather conditions. It also doesn’t require painting or staining because the color is manufactured throughout the entire board and UV stabilizers are added to help keep the color intact over time. It is environmentally-friendly because it is engineered from post-consumer and post-industrial recyclables like milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles, and is safe for both animals and humans. HDPE plastic lumber comes in varying degrees of strength depending on your project needs and is available in over 40 color options and standard and custom profile lengths and sizes.

Which Bedford Technology Products for the Job?

SelectForce® by Bedford Technology is manufactured in the United States and fits all types of playground equipment applications. It comes in custom shapes and colors and is a durable and low-maintenance building material that is environmentally-friendly. It cuts, drills and fastens like traditional wooden timbers for easy and familiar installation and will outlast whatever Mother Nature can throw at it. For boardwalks, play structures, swing sets and slides, SelectForce® is a dependable building material that will last for generations and requires little to no maintenance.

FiberForce® by Bedford Technology is manufactured with added fiberglass strand for increased rigidity and strength and is best-suited for structural applications that require more stability. FiberForce® is a great wood-alternative that provides a stone design finish that is ideal for boardwalk substructure components, fencing and site amenities. This product line is extremely durable and comes in many profile lengths and sizes to meet your specific project requirements.

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