Privacy fences offer “shielding” from the outside world and a line of protection. While privacy fences are a very specific type of fencing system, typical requirements for privacy fences include a solid fence structure that stands at least 4-6 feet tall.

Benefits of HDPE Plastic Lumber

Structural recycled plastic lumber is a heavy-duty building material that doesn’t splinter, crack, rot or mold. It can withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, heat and cold and wind and doesn’t break down or degrade. It is chemical-resistant and will not become a home for termites, insects and other pests.

Manufactured from recycled HDPE plastic like milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles, this long-lasting material is environmentally-friendly and low-maintenance. It doesn’t need to be painted or stained because the color is engineered throughout the entire product during the time of manufacture.  

Why Traditional Building Materials Fall Short

Traditional wood is the most common building material that is used for privacy fencing. While wood is familiar and strong, it doesn’t necessarily perform the greatest in outdoor weather conditions. It will degrade over time from moisture, causing the need for repairs and replacement. Not to mention the maintenance time and cost to keep the wooden fencing system looking fresh and new. Instead of dealing with repairs, choose a long-term solution with plastic lumber.

Which Bedford Technology Products for the Job?

SelectForce® by Bedford Technologyis a dependable and environmentally-friendly building material that provides long-lasting project solutions. It is low-maintenance because it can withstand extreme weather environments and doesn’t break down like traditional wood. For a sleek and smooth textured finish, use SelectForce® for privacy fences.

FiberForce® by Bedford Technologyis a structural building material that includes fiberglass strand for added rigidity and strength that allows it to hold up against the toughest weather conditions. It comes with a stone design finish that offers an aesthetically-pleasing texture for your privacy fencing applications.  

BarForce® by Bedford Technologyperhaps the toughest fencing product on the market, this product includes fiberglass polymer rebar, which adds structural integrity and support to your fencing system. No matter the design, this product is built tough and built to last. All of Bedford Technology’s products are environmentally-friendly and low-maintenance, but BarForce® offers unique strength properties that are unmatched in the industry.

Our Products in Action

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