Searching for a Solid Foundation for Your Construction Projects?

Whether you need commercial-grade strength or furniture-grade aesthetics, SelectForce® by Bedford Technology is manufactured to fit all types of project applications. As our staple product, SelectForce® by Bedford Technology comes in custom shapes and colors, and is strong enough to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions and environments.

Manufacturing Processes

There are two manufacturing processes that produce SelectForce® by Bedford Technology. Each process yields unique product characteristics to fit a wide variety of applications. The first is Hard Tool which creates a strong and durable product. The second is Continuous Extrusion which creates a product with a premium lumber appearance and feel. This product line is great for projects requiring various lengths and unique profiles.

Benefits of SelectForce® by Bedford Technology Recycled Plastic Lumber

Using recycled plastic lumber as an alternative to wood offers many benefits. SelectForce® by Bedford Technology is truly low-maintenance. The product doesn’t splinter, rot, or degrade.  It also requires no painting or staining and the color is manufactured throughout the entire profile with UV inhibitors so it lasts over time. It is an environmentally-friendly product that is available in multiple profiles, sizes and lengths. It cuts, drills and secures like traditional wooden timbers and will hold up in extreme environments.

Common Applications

  • Playground Equipment
  • Parking Curbs
  • Boardwalks
  • Nailer Boards
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Signage
  • Docks
  • Fencing