12 Projects of Christmas Day 10: Griffith Park

Griffith Park 5-Rail Fencing System image

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Park is owned and operated by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and includes over 4,000 acres of natural and landscaped parkland. It is the largest municipal park with urban wilderness area in the United States. Famous for the Hollywood sign, the park also includes attractions such as the Griffith Observatory, the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, Greek Theatre and LA Zoo.


Originally constructed out of concrete, the five-rail fence configuration was breaking down due to cracking from temperature fluctuations, and a durable and long-lasting solution was needed and the fences throughout Griffith Park needed to be replaced. The new fence needed to include the same five-rail configuration as the original project, and due to changing weather conditions, expansion and contraction needed to be taken into account. 


For the replacement of the fencing system, structural recycled plastic lumber was the right solution. FiberForce® provided the structural project requirements required for the original fencing design with the five-rail configuration. Using a split-rail configuration, no fasteners were needed, which allows for expansion and contraction of the material in different temperatures. Also, because there are no fasteners, installation time and cost were reduced.


Griffith Park’s fencing system can be found throughout the entire park and adds a natural aesthetic with the color and design. The fencing system can withstand impact and doesn’t require maintenance like painting or staining because the color is manufactured throughout the building material. Bedford Technology’s recycled plastic lumber will be used to replace approximately 17 miles of fencing and will be used for other projects in the future including signposts, decking, and a new LA River restoration project that will start in 2019.