12 Projects of Christmas Day 9: Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo Public Fence

Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo, located in Chicago, Illinois is dedicated to inspiring communities to create environments where wildlife can thrive in our urbanizing world. Nearly 3.6 million annual guests have fun and soak in the natural beauty of the grounds while enjoying the environmentally-friendly institution.


The products used in and around the facility must be easy to clean, structurally stable, withstand a variety of weather conditions and be able to endure heavy wear-and-tear. The zoo also has a natural aesthetic which must be uniform throughout the park. Traditional wood looked beautiful and was structurally strong for fencing around the facility, but there were issues with deterioration, decay and mold. Also, any type of construction or repair can disrupt and distract visitors and the animals, so finding a durable and environmentally-friendly product was important when replacing the fencing.


FiberForce® by Bedford Technology met all performance characteristics and project requirements for the fencing throughout Lincoln Park Zoo. The operations team has also used structural recycled plastic lumber for past projects, such as privacy fences and benches throughout the facility, and had seen proven success. The environmentally-friendly material met the recycling and conservation initiatives that the Zoo adheres to. It also doesn’t absorb pathogens like bacteria or dirt which provides a clean environment for visitors and animals and makes the material easier to clean.


FiberForce® is a great alternative to traditional wood and is being utilized more throughout the facility. New projects and applications are created each year, so the next time you’re in Chicago, take a trip to Lincoln Park Zoo and see our products in action.