12 Projects of Christmas Day 11: Prisma Condominiums

Prisma Condominium Image

Wood Partners

Wood Partners is a national developer who goes beyond giving people a better place to live by offering distinctive communities of lasting value. They have been involved in developing more than 53,000 homes; one being the Prisma Condominiums located in Santa Ana, California.


The original material used for fascia boards on the Prisma Condominiums was a composite material that included sand and cement, and needed to be replaced because of cracking and splitting. The brackets that were installed with the original material were still intact, and a long-term solution that would fit into the existing brackets was needed. Another requirement for the new material was that it needed to be environmentally-friendly and be able to withstand direct sunlight and heat exposure.


FiberForce® by Bedford Technology proved to be the perfect long-lasting and durable solution for the project. The product met the environmentally-friendly requirements and it performed well in direct sunlight and heat. It also kept its shape when hung on the building and fit into the existing brackets.


The plastic lumber fascia boards are an impressive replacement and fit very nicely with the aesthetic of the condominium. The quick production of this material made for a faster installation timeline. This environmentally-friendly material was a great find and both the developers and city of Santa Ana are impressed with the look and feel of the material.