Retaining walls are used for numerous reasons in landscaping like holding back soil, improving landscape drainage, controlling water-flow and adding aesthetics. Since these projects serve a very specific purpose, it’s important that the building material used is durable, can withstand consistent moisture and other weather conditions and can meet all project requirements.      

Benefits of HDPE Plastic Lumber

HDPE plastic lumber is an extremely tough building material that is also eco-friendly. Manufactured from post-consumer and post-industrial plastic recyclables, this heavy-duty material provides long-lasting solutions for soil retention. It won’t rot, mold, crack or degrade from moisture and will not corrode or rust, which can leach harmful chemicals into the soil.   

Which Bedford Technology Products for the Job?

FiberForce® by Bedford Technology – is a structural-grade building material that includes fiberglass strand. This increases rigidity and strength and provides long-lasting results. Unlike traditional wood, metal and concrete, this material will not break down and will keep your wall standing strong.

BarForce® by Bedford Technologyperhaps the most heavy-duty plastic lumber material on the market, BarForce® contains extra reinforcement from fiberglass polymer rebar, which is engineered throughout the entire profile length. For projects needing extra reinforcement or spanning longer lengths, consider using BarForce® for retaining wall projects.

Our Products in Action

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