Santa Cruz Harbor uses FiberForce Material in rebuild

Santa Cruz Harbor uses FiberForce Material in rebuild

Challenge: On Friday March 11, 2011 a magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck Japan….5 hours later the earthquakes effects were starting to be felt on the West Coast of the United States. 

Santa Cruz Harbor, shown here, was dramatically affected by the surge of the Tsunami. 

Santa Cruz Harbor before

Starting at about 7: 45 AM, the tsunami-related surge entered the harbor and severely damaged several docks and dozens of boats at the Harbor. The harbor is just south of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and is marked by the Santa Cruz Breakwater lighthouse. The damage estimate to the harbor alone, according to city officials, was over $2 million.

Solution: Re design and rebuild the 6,300 square feet of docks and finger piers using New Bedford Technology- FiberForce® HDPE Plastic Lumber. Given the experience that the Harbor had with the Tsunami, the focus was on building a very tough, long lasting system that could withstand a 2’ wave. Designed by Ashton Engineering and constructed by the team at Bellingham Marine, the new docks at Santa Cruz featuring Bedford Fiberforce HDPE plastic lumber are supported by floats similar to a traditional timber dock system. Installation of the new docks was started the last week of July and completed August 16, 2011. The Bedford FiberForce product comes with a 50 Year limited warranty and is a 100% recycled product. This is an HDPE product that is inert in the environment and can withstand years of heavy duty use and wave action.

Sant Cruz Harbor after using FiberForce

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