SeaPile® heading to Port Aransas, Texas via Rail

SeaPile® heading to Port Aransas, Texas via Rail

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The last of 378 – 70’ and 80’ 13” diameter SeaPile® are loaded via railcar and ready to ship from Bedford Technology’s Winchester, Virginia plant to Port Aransas, Texas. These SeaPile® will be joined together into Dolphin Clusters used to guide ferry barge traffic between the Port Aransas terminals. Both SeaPile® and SeaTimber® are used throughout marine applications worldwide as bridge protection fenders, dolphin clusters, guide-walls, Wales, Navigation Markers, Bullrails and various other applications. SeaPile® is manufactured using 100% recycled plastic through a multiple extrusion process (known as Multi-X). SeaPile® has a cross section with FRP rebar encapsulated through the full length of the product for superior energy absorption characteristics.

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