Thank you for your interest in Bedford Technology products. To receive a shipping estimate, please provide destination zip code and weight information about your shipment.

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Request A Shipping Estimate

Freight quotes are for a maximum of 20,000 lbs of product and when lengths do not exceed 24 foot. Be sure to include estimated pallet weight to your total weight estimate. Estimated weight would be approximately 75lbs per pallet.

Accessorial charges are very important to an accurate freight estimate. Please ensure you have determined where the delivery is going along with needs for the delivery, then check the box accordingly below.

Below are excessive length guidelines to consider when requesting a freight quote. Excessive length charges start at 11 feet. Please contact Bedford Technology directly at 800-721-9037 for excessive length shipments.

Note: The actual rate for delivery may be higher or lower than the rate reflected in this online estimator. Contact a Bedford Technology representative to determine whether your rate is different than what is reflected here. Actual shipping charges may differ than original quote due to unforeseen circumstances at a customer location or as charged by the carrier. Any, and all, charges Bedford Technology incurs from the carrier will be added to a final bill for the associated customer and will be the customers responsibility

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