Split-rail fencing is most commonly used for low-profile fencing systems that can blend into the natural landscape. For example, split-rail fences are used as park perimeters, sidewalk fencing and along nature trails to keep visitors in safe areas. When choosing the best building material for these applications, it’s important to use a durable, extremely strong and aesthetically-pleasing material that can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuation.

Benefits of HDPE Plastic Lumber

Structural recycled plastic lumber is a heavy-duty building material that doesn’t splinter, crack, rot or mold. It is insect and pest resistant and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions like rain, snow, heat and cold and wind. Plastic lumber will also not break down or degrade like other traditional fencing materials.

Using HDPE plastic lumber for split-rail fencing systems will also decrease installation time and cost because the posts come ready-to-install with slots. The slotted posts also provide stability for longer spans from post-to-post and can eliminate expansion and contraction issues because the slots provide extra room for temperature change.

Plastic lumber is manufactured from recycled HDPE plastic like milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles. Not only is this material environmentally-friendly, but it is also extremely low-maintenance because it doesn’t need to be painted or stained; the color is engineered throughout the entire product during the time of manufacture.   

Why Traditional Building Materials Fall Short

Split-rail fencing has been traditionally made out of wood. More recently, PVC is a popular building material for split-rail fencing. However, traditional wood and PVC will break down over time and do not hold up very well in extreme weather conditions. Traditional wood rots, molds and decays when exposed to high levels of moisture like rain and snow, and PVC is hollow and can get brittle and crack in very cold temperatures.

HDPE plastic lumber is a solid environmentally-friendly building material that doesn’t deteriorate like wood and won’t break like PVC. It is much stronger than traditional building materials, and with the option to add fiberglass polymer rebar, your split-rail fencing system will be built to last for generations to come.

What Bedford Technology Products for the Job?

FiberForce® by Bedford Technology is a structural building material that is manufactured with fiberglass strand for added rigidity and strength. This allows the material to hold up extremely well in outdoor environments and can withstand whatever Mother Nature can throw at it without degrading or deteriorating. It can span up to 6 ft without showing signs of sagging and comes with a stone design finish that offers an aesthetically-pleasing texture for your privacy fencing applications. 

BarForce® by Bedford Technology is perhaps one of the toughest fencing products on the market as it includes fiberglass polymer rebar. This adds structural integrity and support to your split-rail fencing system. The rebar allows for longer spans between posts because of increased rigidity. With the added rebar, fencing rails can span up to 10 ft without showing signs of sagging. All of Bedford Technology’s products are environmentally-friendly and low-maintenance, but BarForce® offers unique strength properties best-suited for heavy-duty fencing systems.

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