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SeaPile and SeaTimber sea wall

Smarter Lumber.

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The Bedford Difference

How did we get to be the leader in recycled plastic lumber?
We’ve been around longer, our product is stronger, we have more varieties and colors and we have the best customer service in the business. Plastic lumber is all we do and all we have ever done. At Bedford Technology, for nearly 20 years, we’ve focused on developing relationships through exceptional customer service and continued product innovation. We are a team of passionate employees who embrace our service-driven culture and are proud to say we’ve earned our reputation one relationship at a time.

Better Product, Better Variety.Barforce Reinforced HDPE
No fillers! Our product is pure HDPE for increased longevity and durability. Our warranty is 50 years – but we’re certain our product will outlast that. You can’t find a better warranty! Plus, we can make anything you need in more colors and more formats than any other supplier.

Highly Trained Customer Service Professionals.
No call center, no hold music, no part-timers. Our Pro Staff customer service center has answers at the ready and will give you quick quotes, engineering support, samples, everything you need as soon as you need it.

Engineering Innovation
At Bedford Technology we’re constantly pushing the boundaries for plastic lumber applications with innovations like Multi-X fiber rebar reinforced lumber and category dominate products like SeaPile® and SeaTimber® which has become the gold standard in marine applications. We pride ourselves on being a technology firm with an engineering staff constantly developing new ideas and pushing the boundaries for plastic lumber applications. We’re an innovator in the market and ready to help our clients find the right solutions for their evolving needs. Our people are highly knowledgeable and our mindset is focused on service. We listen to and understand their challenges and execute the right solutions to meet them.What problem can we solve for you?

Partner with Bedford Technology and you’ll get better product, you’ll have a better experience and you’ll get better results on your next project – guaranteed.

What problem can we solve for you? Contact Us to let the Bedford Technology team develop a solution for you.

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