Our structural composite plastic lumber was developed to conquer the most severe environments and weather conditions. With a variety of product lines to offer you varying levels of strength, no matter the application or industry, structural recycled plastic lumber is a great alternative to wood, metal and concrete. Below you’ll find more details about each of our structural lumber product lines to suit any application.

FiberForce® by Bedford Technology

FiberForce® by Bedford Technology utilizes fiberglass strands to increase rigidity. This added rigidity creates characteristics suited for many structural applications where a wider span, dimensional stability, increased flexural strength, or higher rigidity is required. Due to the increased strength and its resistance to environmental elements, structural recycled HDPE plastic lumber is well suited for exterior applications where structural support or load bearing is required. It is manufactured in many different profiles and lengths and cuts, drills and secures just like traditional wood.

Some Applications Include:

  • Retaining walls
  • Boardwalks
  • Fencing
  • Decks
  • Large equipment mats
  • Marine applications

BarForce® by Bedford Technology

BarForce® by Bedford Technology is an industrial-strength, commercial-grade structural plastic lumber product that is reinforced with fiber polymer rebar which increases rigidity and dimensional stability. The product itself is a coarse, rigid and rough textured material in appearance and feel. It comes in many profile sizes and colors to suit any application. BarForce® by Bedford Technology can serve as a replacement to traditional parts made from injection molding, rotational molding, vacuum molding, aluminum extrusion and lumber and wood profiles. Because it requires no painting or staining and doesn’t splinter, BarForce® by Bedford Technology is great for applications such as structural plastic beams, fencing, and retaining walls.

Some Applications Include:

SeaPile® and SeaTimber® by Bedford Technology

SeaPile® and SeaTimber® by Bedford Technology are fortified with fiber-reinforced polymer rebar, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications in industries such as marine, landscaping, parks and recreation and more. These structural plastic lumber products are resistant to marine borers, termites, fungus, salt, and oils. They can also withstand heavy impacts by absorption of energy through recoverable deflection and are totally non-polluting. This product is the perfect material for structural plastic beams in marine applications.

Some Applications Include:

Environmentally-Friendly Products

Conserving the environment is a core value that is woven into everything Bedford Technology does. Structural plastic lumber is designed to withstand the most severe environments, but it also helps Mother Nature thrive. Sourced from recycled plastic, this ultra-strong building material is an innovative solution that helps keep millions and millions of pounds of plastic out of the landfill each year.

Bedford Technology products also meet the requirements for the USGBC LEED Certification Program. Promoting sustainability practices and green construction efforts, using plastic lumber can award points for building material specifications.

Top 10 Features and Benefits of Using Structural Recycled Plastic Lumber

  • Low maintenance
  • Long life expectancy
  • Various lengths
  • No rotting
  • No splintering
  • No painting
  • No staining
  • Cuts, drills, and secures just like wood
  • Continuous piece construction
  • Environmentally-friendly

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