Benefits of HDPE Plastic Lumber

HDPE plastic lumber is innately chemical-resistant. No chemicals adhere to the surface, making it resistant to mold and bacteria, and exceptionally easy to clean. It will also not leach harmful chemicals into the ground or water (unlike chemically treated wood). It can withstand extreme moisture and will not rot, mold, splinter or degrade, even when submerged in water.

Plastic lumber is a structurally-sound material as it is dense and durable and so works well for structural applications that carry heavy loads. Plastic lumber is a great environmentally-friendly material that will hold up and not need to be replaced due to wear-and-tear or moisture. Not only does it stand up to moisture, it can also take anything that Mother Nature can throw at it; rain, snow, extreme heat and cold, this material will stay intact.

Common products for water parks include site amenities like chairs, benches, waste and recycling receptacles and tables, stair treads, fence posts and handrails, structural components like bridges, towers, substructures and play structures for in and around the pool area. Many of these structures are traditionally made of wood, metal and concrete. However, using traditional building materials can shorten the life of these projects because they are not effective for long-term use. Chlorine, found in waterparks can actually deteriorate and corrode traditional building materials, which causes the need for repair or replacement. Instead, consider using HDPE plastic lumber.

Which Bedford Technology Products for the Job?

SelectForce® by Bedford Technology is a strong and durable product that is available in standard and custom profile sizes. As the foundation of our other Bedford Technology products, this building material is a staple ingredient for playground systems and comes in over 40 color options.

FiberForce® by Bedford Technology is a structural product that is manufactured with fiberglass stand. The fiberglass increases rigidity and is best-suited for projects that require more strength and load-bearing capabilities, or a wider span like waterpark substructure components, stairs and tables.

Use Durable Plastic Lumber for Your Next Water Park Project!

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