What To Know About Landscape Edging

When you look at professional landscaping, the edging probably isn’t the first thing you notice. You’re more likely to take note of the flowers and plants, the overall design, and any ornamental fixtures or decorations. While the edging may not be the most exciting part of a landscape, it is what keeps it looking neat and orderly. You would certainly notice if it wasn’t there. Know these important aspects of landscape edging and you will be able to choose the right edging for your own landscaping needs.

Benefits of Landscape Edging

The right edging can completely transform the look of your yard. It does so by creating defined areas, giving your outdoor space a sense of order and structure. Your mulch, flower beds, plants, and shrubs will all have their own defined areas. Not only is this definition more aesthetically pleasing, but it is also effective at increasing your home’s curb appeal. Edging benefits your yard’s plant life as well. The sectioned areas give your plants the room they need to grow and it prevents weeds and grass from encroaching on the garden beds.

landscaping boards

Types of Edging

There is a variety of edging materials to suit different landscape designs and needs. Landscaping boards are a popular option. Made from recycled plastic landscape timber, this option is eco-friendly and its composite nature harkens back to 1500 BC when Egyptians and Mesopotamians used the first composite construction materials by mixing straw and mud for their buildings.

Luckily, modern landscaping boards are a bit more advanced. They are known for their durability and their ability to be stacked on top of one another. This feature also makes them suitable for raised garden beds and playground equipment.

If you don’t want landscaping boards that give your yard a natural wooden element, you could use cement or brick pavers. These pavers usually interlock, making it easy to install them and eliminating the need for mortar. These pavers are typically available in a variety of colors to match the unique design of your landscape.

If you’re itching for a new landscape design this spring, don’t forget the edging. This important feature will make all the difference in your design. Contact Bedford Technology today for the landscaping industry’s best in environmentally friendly materials.