Zoo facilities are astonishing due to their ability to go from one climate to another in a matter of seconds. From freezing tundra of the Arctic to the scorching desert, each animal lives in a unique habitat that is created for animal health and safety, and visitor education and enjoyment. Inside each habitat, structural zoo applications can include the surroundings like platforms, rest areas and play structures for the animals, and outside the habitats, projects can include boardwalks, benches and tables, site amenities, gates and fencing.

Traditional building materials for structural zoo applications, play structures and public applications include wood, metal and concrete. While these materials are commonly used, they can break down over time due to changing weather conditions, and exposure to rain or moisture can cause them to mold and rot. Metal can corrode and rust, which requires replacement because it can be harmful to animals, and concrete can crack and deteriorate.

Consider using an environmentally-friendly building material that is durable and built to last: HDPE plastic lumber.

Benefits of HDPE Plastic Lumber

Recycled HDPE plastic lumber offers many benefits over traditional building materials that can increase the project life-cycle and reduce maintenance costs over time. When replacing or repairing any type of zoo projects, it can disrupt the habitat and livelihood of the animals and visitors, but with plastic lumber, you can build it and forget it. Unlike traditional wood, plastic lumber will not rot, mold, splinter or degrade. It doesn’t require painting, staining or chemical treatment and is safe for both animals and humans. It holds up in extreme weather environments and is easy to clean and is a versatile product that comes in varying degrees of strength to suit specific application requirements.

What Bedford Technology Products for the Job?

SelectForce® by Bedford Technology is the staple product that is manufactured to fit all types of zoo equipment applications. It comes in custom shapes and colors and a durable and low-maintenance building material that is environmentally-friendly. It cuts, drills and fastens like traditional wooden timbers for easy and familiar installation and will outlast whatever Mother Nature (or man-made environments) can throw at it. For play equipment and public zoo facility applications like fence posts and handrails, SelectForce® is a dependable building material that will last for generations and requires little to no maintenance.

FiberForce® by Bedford Technology is manufactured with added fiberglass strand for increased rigidity and strength and is best-suited for structural applications that require more stability. FiberForce® is a great wood-alternative that provides a stone design finish that is ideal for boardwalk substructure components, retaining walls and animal habitat structures. This product line is extremely durable and comes in many profile lengths and sizes to meet your specific project requirements.   

Our Products in Action

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